Sunday, October 07, 2007


Monday, January 22, 2007


Aankhon me raha kabhi dil main utar kar nahi dekha..
Kashti ke musafir ne kabhi Samandar nahi dekha...

Patthar dil hu main kahte hain duniya wale..
Main to Mom hu tumne chhukar nahi dekha...

Kale sheeshon se duniya nazar nahi aati..
Nangi aankhon se bhi hijr me chand nahi dekha...

Rone gaane ko hazaron hai duniya me..
Bachche ke honthon ki muskan ko nahi dekha...

Koum, Jat, Dharm, Vatan sab kuchh yad hai hume..
Insaan ka kaam Tumne, Maine aaj tak karke nahi dekha...


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Is it terror or fault

Blood shaded platforms, scared people; crying women and children, everybody was running to save his life. Is it scary, horrible or terrible? No! It is laughable for those terrorists who attack Indians daily in all over the country whether it is Mumbai, Malegaon, Bangalore or Indian parliament. They can work any where and wreck the soul of this insecure country.

This happening because of drawbacks of our security system. It has a huge communication gape between intelligence agencies and local police. The police cant get information direct from intelligence agencies. Like in the case of Kargil war our agencies gave the information about infiltration but due to communication gape that bloody war took place.

Second majore problem with our intelligence agencies that its officers are on the deputation from IAS, IPS and some other higher departments. Those officers who dont work there or dont want to work there they are deputated in intelligence agencies. Thats why our government made these agencies as a dumping ground for such type of officers.

In India we have different police depatment for differnt states and it creats so much problems for police itself to arrest any terrorist or migrant. And after crossing the borders these migrants feel relax because it is difficult for police to catch them.

In the case of naxalite problem we have police but the constables dont belong to that palce where they work. Due to this they are not familiar whith those areas where naxalites live and dont know the paths which naxalites use.

The biggest problem with our security is corruption. Arms and ammunation of Indian diffence are going to terrorists and our soldiers are fighting against there own arms. It is not doing by any hawaldar or low designated person but it is act of some highly posted officer and politicians.
So if we want to overcome these type of problems so first we have to fight against corruption and simultaneously work for upgradation of our security agencies and police force.

After doing all these we can think to live in a fearfree India.